Registration is open for the Science of Color

The Science of Color

I’m very excited to announce that “The Science of Color” is now open for registration. 🎉
Thank you all for you patience and support as I worked diligently in the background to ensure an amazing experience for each learner!
To register simply go to [ ]
– Registering will REALLY help me get a proper headcount regarding some surprises I have for the students (the postal service is crazy and I like to buy in bulk).
– Each child will need their own account
– You will need to creat an account BEFORE you can purchase the course
(so we know who it’s going to)
– non-reader/budding reader friendly
– Instruction begins August 31st
– PLEASE read over the course pages, it has important information
– In-person classes are OPTIONAL but if you choose to take them they will be held once a month (you can choose the Tuesday session or the Sunday Session both will be held at 2pm)
– I am still adding lesson material to the curriculum portion of the site DO NOT BE ALARMED
If you have ANY further questions don’t hesitate to ask, I’m here to assist!
This year I’ll be hosting a class called “The Science of Color” it is a Science AND Art class.
This is a hybrid class, meaning it will be done offline (meeting 1-2 times a month) and online.
BUT! The class can also be done 100% online.
This class will cover color physics, color theory, color mixing and color psychology.
It is suited for grades 1st – 8th
It is $45 if you want all printed materials and supplies included and $30 for the downloadable .pdf without materials.
This covers the ENTIRE semester no weekly or monthly payments.
Please comment below if you are interested or have questions!!

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